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Welcome to Intense Colours!

A professional studio specialising in various aspects of tattoo work. Some particular specialities are portrait and realism, watercolour, neo – traditional, dotwork and mandala work, geek culture aswell as various other off the street requests.

Boasting 40+ years of experience between the 4 artists in house nothing is too much of a challenge for us to take.

Started and owned by award winning and sponsored artist Gary chase, the studio has stood strong since 2012.

On Gary’s team are the immensely talented and sponsored artists Francesco and Maddy as well as award winning and sponsored sorted artist Silk

Prices (Tattoo)

Tattoo Studio

Minimum charge £30
1st hourly rate £65
Half a day £220
Full day £300

Aftercare is provided free of charge with more available for sale if needed.

Pricing (Piercing)

Earlobe £7.50 per piercing
Ear rim £15
Scaffold £30
Anchor * £35
All other piercings £25
Aftercare provided in price.
* For multiple anchors please enquire for special rates.


£10 on tattoo booking.
£20 on half day and full day.

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